HEPA filters and devices cover all clinical use cases ensuring contaminated droplets and aerosols are removed from examination and operating rooms. No need for pausing during procedures or consultations, the system is continuous allowing medical professionals to focus on their practice & patients.

Ceiling Mountable

Up to 99.9% filtration efficiency. Provide rapid removal of contaminants by combining HEPA filtration systems, high flow ventilation and negative and positive pressure differential strategies.

Our filtration units can be installed on the floor or in our discrete drop ceiling mount

Suction at the Source

Our operating room systems offer a complete solution to maximize the evacuation of particles and minimize interruptions. 

The extended arm filtration captures aerosols using HEPA filters and high flow ventilation in negative pressure environments.


Filter replacements & Parts

We offer medical grade filters and all accessories for the proper functioning and maintenance of filtration and exhaust systems. 

All filters are included with purchase. Our products are proudly produced in Canada.




Work in a safe environment with our filtration solutions. Dorma Filtration offers a variety of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering solutions for clinics.




What is the size of the suction arm?
The suction arm is 62 inches tall when folded and has a stand with wheels that is 50 inches in diameter.

What is the size of the HA filtration units?
A diagram with measurements for the HA filtration units can be seen below on this page

Can the suction arm be mounted to the ceiling
Yes, the suction arm can be mounted to a reinforced ceiling and will not require the stand with wheels

What is the plug like for the HA filtration units?
The HA air filters have a standard 120V plug which can be plugged directly into the wall. They feature an on and off switch on the unit itself.

Can the filtration units be attach to a remote switch?
The HA series filters can be connected to a remote switch as they are powered by a standard 120V plug

How many cubic feet per second does the HA 500 filter?
The HA500 model filters 807 meter cubed per hour of air per hour. This equates to 7.91637 cubic feet per second.

What are the shipping costs
Shipping costs vary by province however a typical cost for a filtration unit and suction arm shipped within Quebec is $100 and within Ontario is $150

Do the filtration units come with filters
All HA filtration unites come with a years supply of filters

Do the filtration units use UV filters
No, the filtration units do not use UV filters


We've included our specifications and dimensions for the HA500 and suction arm solution


We've included our specifications and dimensions for the PLA900 ceiling mounted model


View an overview of a complete ceiling mounted installation

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